Cipher App (Concept)

Cipher is an imagined app that brings the power of augmented reality and translation on your phone. Because the scope of the project is too big to allow a prototype, motion graphics can properly allow people to see what the app will be in action, and this is what this project tries to sell.

*Video coming soon *


The initial idea of the app was to be used by people who travel (as seen in the first and second storyboards), but it then branched to just general usage by anyone who needed on-the-go translation.

For the storyboards, I’ve learned from my 2 previous motion projects that they need to be entirely completed beforehand (since I jumped ahead even though I was short of storyboards at times), and this can be seen with how detailed and close to the final the third storyboards are. Unlike my music video project which focused primarily on energy and a variety of motion for the song, my Cipher motion is more alike my MICA Mission and Vision project, which focused on advertising a collective brand.

This project was mainly a way for me too put greater emphasis on the process rather than the end video.

Detailed styleframes and scripts can be found here on this Google Doc.

First Rough Storyboards

Second Storyboards

Third Storyboards

Fourth Storyboards


coming soon once video is done