IAF Catalog 2017



Totaling 133 pages, this catalog was made and given to artists that presented in the Chelsea, NY exhibit of the same name. (All images belong to the corresponding artist. Book measures 11’’ x 11’’).


The objective for the International Art Festival Catalog 2017 was to utilize many of the same design elements from the 2016 catalog (something I also designed) as well as create a more clean and visually exciting layout.

Originally, I thought of making two to three columns for the artist statements , but instead I opted for one column so to give more breathing room between images and text.

Working with large text boxes and images meant that differentiating between the two was the most important task to accomplish. I placed a bold line above the artist’s name and contact information in order to highlight it amongst all the jargon on the page, as seen in the final version of the catalog on the next page.


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