New York Times Annual Report 2016



An annual report design concept that sources the New York Times’ 2016 annual report. (All images belong to their corresponding authors. Book measures at 11 x 17’’).


For my design prompt, I was tasked to take a company’s annual report and transform it into a more condensed and cohesive whole. I decided to source the New York Times’ 2016 annual report as a groundwork to experiment with thematic storytelling via grids, typeface and layout treatment. I wanted to create a theme that was based on the data that found printed New York Times’ newspapers to decline in sales compared to its digital counterparts, which will soon render printed newspapers obsolete.

To visualize this on an annual report, I toyed with the idea of using typefaces that reflect the shift from print to digital, specifically the typefaces “Editor” and “Lo-Res Twenties.” A diagonal cut would literally cut through both typefaces for special headings, revealing that print is being overcome by the digital. The grid would reflect that of a timeline, showcasing the newspaper’s historic reputation but also the uncertain digital future.

I further took this idea and used sourced New York Times’ photography to reflect the divided 2016 political and social climate via topic and complementary color swatches. Outside quotations about journalism and its world value help to break up pages as well as remind the viewer that journalism matters more than ever in 2016 and beyond.


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