Title Card Experiments


* This is an on-going project! Stay tuned for more.*
A self-initiated series of projects, I wanted to practice my 3D motion skills and use them for short, more typographic experiments. To do this, I’ve set up a series of prompts that would allow me to make 5-10 sec. title cards that are based around any theme I wanted to explore, be it visual or conceptual.


For my first title card, ‘Paper Cut Studios,’ I wanted to create a title card for a studio that would specialize with cut out/silhouette animation. To personify the studio through type alone, I decided to place the title name onto a aerodynamic 3D environment. I decided to model ‘Paper Cut Studios’ from Gill Sans, but decided to keep all the deformities so to give it a more playful and hand-made quality.

Paper Cut Studios


+ Worked with Cinema 4D’s modelling, animation, simulation and camera features.

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